About My Polyvore

 I started Polyvore when I was 14 and I have grown to love fashion even more. When I started out I was just putting clothes together to see what I could do. I then started to play with the website a little more and learned all of these cool things to put together. It actually made me think about what I would like to do with my life.


I then started to add some celebrities into my Polyvore sets to get more ideas for the outfits.  Which led to me doing that from then on.  The reasoning for me putting my favorite celebrities into my sets is that I could live this fantasy of being famous with that person and wearing these cool clothes. I then realized that that would more than likely never happen. So I still do all my sets with celebrities, but I do it because I want others to have their own imagination with the sets and live their own fantasy.  That's why I make sets for other Polyvore users using their favorite celebrities.


I love making sets for other people, it gives me a reason to keep doing what I love to do with fashion. So thank you for taking the time to check out my website to learn a little more about me and a little more about what I love! xo



Follow me on Polyvore for some more of my fashion pieces that I have put together with some celebrities I love!


Demi Lovato is a huge role model to me because of her confidence and her realness.

Kylie Jenner is a huge fashion icon of mine! I love how she will do everything in her own way and not like anyone else. She is so unique! I would love to meet her someday!